_3º DJ Alumni
(95 different Guests since Feb 1st)
Order:  DJ's Name, Affiliation(s), Place of Residence
3º Ultra residents - Alain "Corazon", Jeremiah Seraphine, DJ Monna, DJ FLX, DJ Ahmad,
& "the Mad Thinker"

Class of 1999
Ahmad (3º, New York)
Colette (Super Jane, L.A.)
Dayhota (Super Jane, Chicago)
Diz (Guidance, Silver Network, Chicago)
Jordan Fields (Moody recordings, Chicago)
DJ Mea (Moody, L.A.)
Class of 2000
Alain Corazon (3º, San Francisco)
Mike Steele (Supreme records, Chicago)
Andre Harris (Estereo, Cajual, Chicago)
Lego (Africanism, After Hours, Chicago)
Brian G (Soul Foundation Kollective, Jelo-multimedia, Chicago)
Frique (Soul Foundation Kollective, Chicago)
Julio Bishop (Soul Foundation Kollective, Chicago)
Mark Grant (Cajual, Om recordings, Chicago)
Derrick Kyles (Local dj,Chicago)
Jevon Jackson (Mad Bar, Chicago)
Chang (909 st, Park City, Utah)
Derrick Carter (Classic, Chicago)
Journee (Local dj,Chicago)
Vic Lavendar (Mr. Ali, Dust Trax, Chicago)
Dave Gandy (Local dj, Chicago)
Michael Serafini (Grammaphone records, Chicago)
Ra Soul (Large Music, Naked music, San Francisco)
Ron Trent (Giant Step, Perscription, New York)
Flip (Xpherimental, Chicago)
Jeremy Matteson (Local dj, Chicago)
FLX (3º, Chicago)
Hakim Murphy (PSP, Chicago)
Majid (Fifth Floor, Chicago)
Hector Moralez (Vista, Primal records, San Francisco)
Rebecca (House Wares, Grammaphone records, Chicago)
Lillyanne (Futramedia, L.A.)
Rob Thurmond (Local dj, Chicago)
Tasho (Panhandle records, Stompy, San Francisco)
Eliga Mayhew (Panhandle records, San Francisco)
Russell Vargas (Live DJ's .com, San Francisco)
Mike Pierce (Circus, Chicago)
Bjak (Soul Foundation Kollective, Chicago)
Josh Werner (Grammaphone records, Chicago)
Spencer Kincy a.k.a. Gemini (Space, Cajual, Panhandle, Chicago)
Mark Grant (Cajual, Om recordings, Chicago)
Mauricio Aviles (Naked music, San Francisco)
Diz (Guidance, Hula Groove, Silver Network, Chicago)
Lisa Nelson (Local dj, Seattle)
Robert Grillo (Sepia recordings, Chicago)
Chad Mitchell (Roam recordings, San Francisco)
Jonene (Panhandle records, Safe in Sound music, Stompy, San Francisco)
John Simmons (Soul Foundation Kollective, Chicago)
Ahmad (3º, New York)
DJ Mea (Moddy, L.A.)
Lady D (Super Jane, After Hours, Chicago)
J Dub (All World Entertainment, Chicago)
Sativa (Zentra nightclub, Chicago)
Class of 2001
Jan 3rd - Frique (Soul Foundation Kollective, Chicago)
Jan 17th - Bear Who (All World Entertainment, Chicago)
Jan 24th - Frank Q (Grammaphone records, Chicago)
Jan 31st - Dayhota (Super Jane, Chicago)
Feb 7th - Justin Long (Zentra, Chicago)
Feb 14th - Traxx (Soul Foundation Kollective, Chicago)
March 7th - Scott Payne (Local, Chicago) Stacy Kidd (Yellorange, Chicago)
March 14th - Lego (Africanism, After Hours, Chicago)
April 11th - Mauricio Aviles (Naked Music, San Francisco)
April 18th - Whodat (Loca djl, Chicago)
April 25th - Flip (Flipside, Chicago)
May 2nd - Hakim Murphy (PSP, Chicago)
May 9th - Eliga Mayhew (Panhandle records, Chicago)
May 16th - Lil John (WGCI, Urban Force Entertainment, Chicago)
May 30th - Gabriel Palomo (Enviornmental Sound, Chicago) Dj Jes (Fresca recordings,  Chicago)
June 13th - Brett Johnson (Aeosoteric, Seasons, Dallas) & Andre Harris (Estereo, Chicago)
June 20th - Charles Spencer (Loveslap, San Francisco) & Nick Santillan (Loveslap Recordings, Maya Studio, Chicago)
June 27th  - Dave Gandy (Local dj, Chicago)
July 4th - Hanna (Paper recordings, Panhandle) (live PA), Tasho, Jonene (Panhandle Records party)
July 11th - Brian G, Brenda D-(Soul Foundation Kollective, Chicago)
July 18th - Greg Norwood (Ill Measures, Chicago)
August 1st - James Curd (Greenskeepers, Chicago) Passean( Local dj, San Francisco), Mauricio Aviles (Naked Music, San Francisco)
August 8th - Rob Thurmond Local dj, Chicago) Frique (Soul Foundation Kollective, Chicago), Lil John (WGCI, Chicago)
August 15th - Mark Grant (Sound Design/v2 cd release party)
August 22nd  - Julio Bishop, Swann, - (Soul Foundation Kollective, Chicago)
Oscar McMillan, Brian Borden - (Grammaphone, Chicago)
August 29th - DJ Fran (Vista, Boston), Jeff Craven, Hector Lopez - (Large Records party, Chcago)
Sept 19th - Demarkus Lewis, (Dallas) & Diz - (Aesoteric Records party)
Sept 26th - Cedric (Spectrum of Sound, Chicago) Journee (Digital pimps, Chicago) Bjak (Soul Foundation Kollective, Chicago), Brian G (Soul Foundation Kollective, Chicago) Poe (Local dj, Chicago) Lego (Africanism, After Hours, Chicago)
Oct 3rd - Garnetta (Local, Chicago), Heather Doble,(Local dj, Chicago), Shaka23 (Ill Measures, Chicago) Lauren Flax (Local, Chicago) Lady D (Super Jane, Chicago)
Oct 17th - Diz  (Guidance, Hula Groove, Silver Network, Chicago) 2yr anniversary
Oct 24th - Darrell Woodson (Smart bar, Chicago)
Oct 31st - Just Honey (Satellite, New York) & Stacy Kidd (Yellorange, Chicago)- Yellorange Record release party
Nov 7th - Gabe Real (Motor nightclub, Detroit)
Nov 14th - DJ Mood (Le Passage, Chicago)
Nov 21st - Jask (Large music, Tampa), Sean Ferguson (San Francisco), Chang (909 st, Park city, Utah)                                                                                
Nov 28th - Frankie Knuckles (Def Mix, Chicago)
John Simmons (Soul Foundation Kollective, Chicago),
- "the Mad Thinker's Birthday
Dec 12th - Diz (Hula Groove, Guidance, Classic, Chicago)
Dec. 19th - Andre Hatchett (Deephousepage, Chicago), Craig Loftis (Slang music, Chicago)
Dec 26th - Derrick Carter (Classic, Chicago)
Class of 2002
Jan. 2nd - Frique (Soul Foundation Kollective, Chicago),
Jan 9th - Alexander East (After Hours, Chicago)
Jan 16th - Jes & Ares (Fresca recordings, Chicago)
Jan 23rd - Pap (Naked Soul, Chicago)
Jan 30th - Kenny Carvajal (Music 101, Chicago)
Feb 13th - Cordell Johnson (Local DJ, Chicago), Charles Matlock (Timeless productions, Chicago)
Feb 20th - Paul Johnson (Dust Traxx, Chicago)