Aaron Lietner_Serious Soul Records(Tampa/St. Pete, Fl.)

1. Len Lewis--illicious---Poodle Recordings
Stupid label name but brilliant tech-house! Dark sounds, great arrangement with an incredible breakdown.

2. 2 Dollar Egg---Raid 5--- i220
I don't know what the hell is going on in this track!! Electro takes communion and becomes divine, one minute you are feeling an evil bass line, the next you have lush chords...

3. The Juan Maclean---Tg-3x--- DFA Records
Very gritty bass line with spatial, dark synth lines throughout! This is where techno should be.

4. Sifter---Pucker Up--- Honcho Music
Lots of effects to mess with your head. Just when you feel content they drop in a sick vocal...definitely music for both realms of your mind.

5. Heiko Laux---The Silent Bass--- Kanzleramt
SICK SICK SICK techno with a subtly punishing bass line! Everything about it is lush and deep but still tough as shit!

6. Bryan Zentz---Guarded Eternal---Azure
A step in a new direction for Bryan...Awesome techno that you can drop at peak time or early in the morning.

7. Fade---The Love (Robb and Skinner's Grounded Mix)--- Fade
I have had this for a while but I can't stop playing it! Filtered drums, muted vocal and mind working noises kill me...not to mention it is fun to mix.

8. Giovani & Mosler---4
Despite the fact that the vinyl is warped into something that resembles my cereal bowl this is the JAM. Tracky bliss that creates a beautiful groove with interesting noises! Perfect flow...

9. La Factoria Posse---Smart!---Options
Tribal tech house with strange chanting and cool bass line. The break down is twisted and sounds like some sort of requiem

10. Oliver Ho--- Island---Rxxistance
( sub-label of Meta I guess) Staggered beat techno that is more melodic than usual Ho stuff. Still dark as ever.

11. Barada--- Let Me Go--- Low Pressing
Cool, deep tracky Tech-House from the revived Barada.

12. Rob Wakeman---Nonsensica---City Rockers
The name is fitting...clicky, twisted techno that samples MoodyMan. Some weird funky shit!

13. Carl A. Finlow---Definition---Device
Vocoded melodic electro. Crisp, warm production...."We can be Invisible"

14. B()B Skies--- Proletariat---Qt-12 CDR
A political prisoner, a 50 year old hooker....and two dollars of fun!! Techno from the mind of an ex-child journalist.