Chang_Various one-offs/e.909st. ezine(San Francisco/various across the Earth!)

Deepstar_"Sugar"_Soulfuric Deep
(A nice and sassy vocal scorcher from Donna Allen("He Is The Joy"), featuring the talents of Marc Pomeroy on the production, bangin!)

Radar_"Everything"_Poney Club Records
(A very groovy male r&b like vocal tune, very catchy and uplifiting!)

Playgroup_"Number One"_Nuphonic
(Sounds like old New Order basslines, that build and build, 80's retro!)

S3 & The Truth_"Said I Wasn't Going To Tell Nobody"_Yellorange Records
(Full on Gospel choir testifying the Lord on this foot stomping House number!)

V_"In Time"_MAW
(Earth like organic vocal stylings, like "Days Like This.")

"Little Louie Vega" feat. Blaze_"Brand New Day"_MAW
(Nice uplifitng world beat house grooves for the family!)

Dalmingo_"Bossanote(Jask's Deeplay Anthem)"_Deeplay Music
(The Thaisoul brotha delivers a nice jazzy/bossa style number, with nice live instrumentation to garnish it off!)

Gadjo_"Besame Mucho"_R.O.I. cdr
(A very hot Latin House one to look out for, watch the ladies scream for more!)

Sylk 130_"I Can't Wait(Alexx Kidd remix)"_FiveSixMedia
(A deep pumping cover of the 80's Nu Shooz classic done in a 21st. Century way, slammin!)

Househeadz feat. Jacque_"How Does It Feel"_Yellorange Records
(Raw pumping tough Garage House, what more can I say!)

Michael Jackson_"Billie Jean(Jask's re-edit remix)"_cdr
("Billie Jean" beats and grooves chopped up and sliced in a Thai Hot way!)

X-Press 2_"Lazy"_Skint
(Talking Head's David Byrne gets the remix treatment by the U.K.'s Rocky & Diesel, making the dancefloors crazy everywhere!)

Succulent_"Natural Progression EP"_Worship Recordings
(LA's Nectar & DJ Sean Kamano testify the dub house stylings on this bass heavy number that is mystifying and rightheous!)

Mitchell feat. Ron_"Hardlife"_Underground Resistance
(Raw Detroit House with a tough Garage like twist to this techy groover!)

Terra Deva_"At Night"_Naive
(Luscious vocal stylings with a nice driving feel, this stuff is grooovy!)

Rocket_"Out With The Tide(Jeno/Defender Of The Faith remixes)"_Grayhound Records
(Tripped out bass heavy dub like journeys on this one!)

Obafunke_"Bush Workout"_Karmagiraffe
(King Britt combines the Afro stylings of Obafunke to create a World Beat masterpiece!)

Biggabush_"Drumfire"_Liquid Sound Lounge
(Remixed beats by the legendary Tony Allen(former drummer for Fela Kuti's "Africa 70" band), deep!)

Seraphine & B. Ford_"Deep Brown Eyes"_Four Play Music
(Chicago's 3 Degree's DJ Seraphine & partner B. Ford deliver a nice deep number with vocal stylings, I like it!)

DJ Disciple_"Latin Love(Jask's Latin Cafe mix)"_Catch 22
(Jask cooks up a pumping Latin scorcher for the floor!)

Mary J. Blige_"No More Drama(David Harness & Chris Lum remix)"_cdr
(San Fran's own  rework this R&B hottie with all the right trimmings!)

Futura_"Feelin' Hot"_Reelin & Rockin Records
(Classic dusty mixed by Tony Humphries back in the 80's, wicked drums and basslines!)
click here to hear his mix on groovetech(dec 2001)!