dj BMF_Phat N Jazzy at The Sapphire/Eight Dimension Records(Orlando)

Last Emperor feat. Vinia Mojica_"Evolution"_(?)

Soul II Soul_"Fairplay(Remix)"_White Label

Kid Sublime_"Monty"_Zephons Mom

DJ Spinna_"Bahia Blues"_Sony

Talib Kweli & Hi Tek feat. Erykah Badu_"The Blast(Remix)"_Rawkus

Daft Punk_"Something About Us"_Virgin

Various_"Lost Found Soul"_Purpose

Aromadozeski Therapy_"Strudel Strut"_Future Primitive

Q-Burns Abstract Message_"Invisible Airline"_Astralwerks

The Grand Lordmaster_"Ladykiller"_Roc

Branvan 3000_"Astounded(MJ Cole Remix)"_Grand Royal

Mystic_"The Life"_Goodvibe

Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician_"Where?"_Mush

Jigmastas_"Reality Check"_Beyond Real

Nikka Costa_"Everybody Got Their Something"_Virgin