Dmitri(From Lower Haight!)_C.O.A. Records/Independent Music Dist., "Groove" The Movie(San Francisco, Ca.)

Moon Child(aka E.B.E.)_"The Lunacy EP"_Pure Recordings
(Four trax of the deepness.  Techno at a House tempo,definitely in a class of its own. E.B.E. came through for us again.  A must haver.)

 Aztech Sol_"Compu Sol"_
(DEEP ,TWACKY ,TECHY, BUMPIN, N, SLUMPIN! Its kinda twacky you can bug out to it. I like it! Raga Dub Techno Electro House.)

COA(Side one is a P.Y.T. House remix bootleg , side two is a slim shady Tech bumpin House boot San Fransisco djs coming through white label style.  Going going gone!)

Hydrophonic_"The Hidrophonic EP"_Lo-Rise Recordings
(More of that Deep Techy House that we love.  Percussive and well produced.  Be on the look out or miss out.)

Phill Weeks and Hector Morales_"Fries and Bridges"_MFF(MUSIC FOR FREAKS)
(What do you get when you put A San Francisco Bay native dj,and a Paris France native dj together in a studio with some real good hash?.......... answer = the next release on MFF,...yeah thats right! birth of a new sound !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swat_"Secret Weapons And Tactics"_Soul Fodd Recordings
(Representing with the raw!! Rasoul, Nichola, Kwai 1.  Its slumpin its twangy, it'll give you a head change.)

Wyatt Earp_"Green Tea"_Hochokai Productions
(Nice compressed kick n bass , nice pads , nice everything .  Colorado represent the unda ground sound!  Is it Techno?  Is it House? are you high?)