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James Asher_"Kali Thunder"_New Earth Records
Get ready for some cosmic remixes from his album "Tigers of the Raj."  Featuring remixers Bi-Polar, Kamel Nitrat, Swordfish, X-Zectutive, Yellow Magnetic Star, d.j. Haiko, Pearl V. Summit, Solar Quest, and Jon Crosse you get a broad range of dance styles from bangra, breakbeat, ambient, to trance.  Rajasthan melodys and Indian instrumentation complete with the touch of modern electronic dance grooves form to create a very nice dance compilation.  A must if your into State of Bengal, Transglobal Undergound, or Talvin Singh.  Asian boogie for the 21st.Century.  Cosmic!
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Sade_"Lovers Live"_Epic/Sony Music
I had to review this just for the sake of giving props to one of the greatest vocalists in the area of chill and groove.  This album is a live recording from her tour last year in California, and I must say the recording is superb!  Her vocals are so in tune with the moment that you can hear the crowds response in the background with yells and screams as she hits those crescendos.  Is it live or is it Memorex?  I cannot tell the difference, only that the live sessions bring out her emotions even more throughout the course of the cd.  A definite must for all Sade fans, i do not need to tell you what songs are on there get it already if you have not!
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Nikka Costa_"Everybody Got Their Something(12" Remixes)"_Virgin/Cheeba Sounds
Ok here we go with the pop sensation that has been making waves lately ever since the Tommy Hilfiger commercial came out featuring her song "Like A Feather."  This latest 12" remix features The Soundhustlers doing the "Magic Remix," which samples Grover Washington Jr.'s classic "Mr Magic."  Nice hip hop reworking with a sweet jazz feel to it, I've been playing this with the original "Mr. Magic" in the mix, and her vocals do not dissappoint.  Get your boogie shoes on and slide to the rhythm on this one!
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Lazy Boys_"Sticky Fruit/Mantra/Jungle"_Organic Works test
Tallahassee's Dj Wu and Gary(owner of the Om Cafe) are also known as The Lazy Boys, this first 12" showcases their talent for obscure sounding chillout landscapes.  A cross between ambiant and groovy jazzy breaks, with ethereal like sounds complemented by sampled Eastern sounds.  A very nice chillout track just right for those seaside journeys out of your mind.

Kings Of Convenience vs four tet_"The Weight Of My Words/Little Kids/The Girl From The Back Then"_Source
These Norwegian kats Erlene Oye and Erik Glambek Boe a.ka. Kings of Convenience come out with a delicious after course dessert rightfully chilled and served.  Served via the remixing talents of Ladytron, Four Tet, Royksopp(Wall Of Sound), Erot, & England's Alfie & Andy Votel.  First up "The Weight of My Words" is a nice chillout tune with those melodies that feel like your riding on a sailboat on a hot sunny day, all dazed and not caring about a trouble in your life at all.  On the flip you gets the flavor with the wacky breakbeaty chill freak tune "Little Kids," redone and interpreted by Ladytron.  Watch the bassbins on this one, it is funky!  The last inside cut is a remix of "The Girl From Back Then," a more sassy Bossa like chill tune, that makes the cocktails pour like a waterfall near Niagara! Can I say chill or get down?  Well you be the judge of it, makes you wanna chill & at times makes you wanna shake your groove thang!

Prem Joshua_"Dance Of Shakti"_White Swan
Beautiful melodies from the East with a Western twist, mystical vibrations for the planet.  A variety of Indian instruments are featured here from tablas, sitars, bamboo flute, to the santoor.  Besides playing half of these intruments Joshua takes you higher with his vocals singing contemporary Indian "Tarana" songs and mantras.  Divine!
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Tya_"Tribal Sutras"_New Earth Records
Tya the Australian Aboriginal name for the Earth is a collection of music that relates to the Earth as a living body.  Many sources of ancient earth grooves that remind us of the connection with our Mother(Gaia), from Indian to Hawaiin roots.  Soaring and elevating like a summer breeze that cools the earth.
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Various_"One World Party"_New Earth Records
This is a non stop cd full of world rhythms for the feet to dance to.  A journey of world beats with heavy drumming and mystical energy from Prem Joshua, James Asher, Tya, Cybertribe, and Kamal.  Lots of nice instrumentation from India and far off and forgotten lands.  Takes you away!
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Prem Joshua_"Sky Kisses Earth"_Spice
Joshua goes back to the roots on this album leaning more to the side of traditional Indian ragas.  A lot slower in pace with rich use of sitars, tablas, santoor, and bamboo flute.  The arrangement and the musician level is out of this world as you will hear in the various instruments played.  The vocals also add a lot of depth to the tantric harmonys throughout the album.  A very nice synthesis of Eastern and Western harmonys, "Sky Kisses Earth" indeed.

James Asher_"Feet In The Soil"_New Earth Records
Get ready for a journey into the realms of deep jungles and vibrating earth, as James uses many forms of African drumming with didgeridoo and djembe complimented by soaring flute melodys.  So get up and dig your feet into the earth as the rhythms take control.
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James Asher_"Feet In The Soil Vol.2"_New Earth Records
James Asher returns with the second volume in his series of tribal workouts for the body and soul.  Expect more of a deeper and bassy sound on this one with the use of deeper African drums and chanting.  Get ready for another trip into the gaian mind via drums.
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