dj Garth_Wicked Crew/Grayhound Recordings(San Francisco and beyond)
1 Felka - "Stromlinienbaby" (Mole Listening Pearls)
(Off the richter scale - album of breaks w/ wicked production, guitars, synths. REAL music!)
2 Mirror Boys - "Baby's First Boogie" (Grayhound)
(The odd one returns with some of the strangest new sounds in dance music. Wicked as ever.)
3 Dan Robbins - "DBD Chanting in the Dark" (Junior)
(Tribal break and tripped out spoken male vocal reminiscent of early Vasquez/Tenaglia.)
4 DJ V - "Darker Side of Melody" (Love slap)
(`People Everyday' vocalist in single take tear jerker. Raw production so useful mixing tool.)
5 DJ Shine vs Teknostep - "First Snow" (Nice + Smooth)
(Super deep release with tight programming from this Canadian label. One for the a.m. sets.)
6 Squarepusher - "My Red Hot Car"
(Unbelievable beatmongering from this 26 year old `Daddy' of drum and bass.)
7 DJ Krush featuring DJ Baku - "Cage" (Presto)
(Turntable wizardry from Japan in a beautifully boxed set from what looks like Nike's label! )
8 Defenders of the Faith - "Kola Kola" (Grayhound)
(Markie from Wicked's left of centre madness. Check the Side B inside cut for sumtin' radical.)
9 Jordan Fields - "We Can Make It" (Mo Wax)
(MoWax go house but great house it is from Chicago's producer w/sexy female vocal obviously.)
10 Community Recordings - "Lifted Soul EP" (Grayhound)
(Grayhound debut from this Boulder Co producer. Shit-hot live drumming from Jon himself.)
11 Soulstice - "Fall Into You" (Om)
(Gina Renee's vocal chops getting better with age, this one is a roaster.)
12 Jay Salino - "Here Is" (Stratra)
(Ultra deep pre-release from one of NYC's better nu skool labels.)
13 Altocamet - "Valeria Del Mar" (Matter: Form Incorporations)
(Lovely Spanish vocal with soulful remix from ADNY and a Casey Hogan instrumental.)
14 John Howard as Barry Van Hammer - "The Arena Breaks EP" (I Mix)
(Another great SF DJ turns in his production debut. Funky beats and sweet synth pads.)
15 Seafoam - "3323 Sessions EP" (Straylight)
(4 tracks from the Denver label that all sound like they were tailored w/ a full moon in mind.)