Hallucination Limited(New Label Focus!)
_Get ready for the debut of Tampa, Fl's newest offshoot for the deep underground flavors coming from the well known "Hallucination" camp, "Hallucination Limited."  Here we interview dj Three one of the founders of this new label, that features local Florida talent and friends.  Don't expect to find your average Tech-House releases on this new label, more Soul and Diversity is found here instead.  From Terry Francis' Tech-house rider to Tampa's original Soulrider's Afro-Latin house journeys, there is something for anyone for a taste of something a lil deeper with edge.  As dj Three puts it: "HALLUCINATION LIMITED" is a dj oriented label geared towards anything I find to be exceptional regardless of specialized genre, or just straight-for-the-dj type tracks.  An outlet for one-off's, little known talent with an emphasis on Florida; and global friends with tracks that need a home or better U.S. exposure.  An excuse to get up in the morning."

e909st_Who's behind the label, and how did the idea for Hallucination Limited come about?

Three_"A&R is handled by myself.  The labels a platform for me to put out music I think is exceptional, as my tastes run far and wide.  Laurent and CO.'s F-communications is a label I love for its diversity and good taste. Based on what I learned doing underground retail in the mid-ninties and about 10 years of djing...pushing my own remixes and finally original productions I wanted an outlet for one-off tracks, unknown/not-so-known talent with an emphasis on Florida and global friends with tracks that need a home or better U.S. exposure.  It just seems the right thing to do for now for myself and Hallucination in general.

How do the releases differ from Hallucination's?

At this point this label will be for the more underground side of things.  We've launched Halluci8 Trax for more Chicago Hard House and kind of Ghetto-type stuff... its Monks brainchild.  Then there's Grumpy's Techno - slanted Erotic City Communications, which is just getting moving on a regular basis this year.  So, Hallucination is kind of taking on a life of its own and....we're not quite sure, as a lot of different types of things have been thrown at us ----- more multi-media type things, so we'll see how it unfolds throughout the year.

What artists should we expect to hear on the label?

The first four are: Phillip Charles pres. "Controlled Input, Terry Francis - "Free EP," David Christophere pres. "Lift - Between The Hands Of Friends(with 20/20 vision Click and Flash rmx.)," Soulrider - "Silky Mama," then there's more by Mark Bell (Blakkat), Andre Lataste (new Florida artist), Markie from Wicked....have talked with Joshua, Pure Science and others.

Any albums being released?

Soulrider is another Tampa talent now based in L.A. he's had interest from Naked and most notably Joe Clausell's Spiritual Life, but decided to keep things in the family so to speak and we're thrilled.  His album is a stellar collection of Latin and House influenced electronic music.  As we're putting it together I liken it to "Spacetime Continuum's - Emit Ecaps" in terms of listening as a full length.  We have another ex-Tampa man in Wales ---Niroke --- who has some very fresh tech-house(really) 12's coming soon and an album is in the works for the end of the year----somewhere between an "Autechre meets Reload or Plaid" type of thing, but with a lot of range.  Excited about that.  I see a lot coming up that picks up from Warp Records "Artificial Intelligence" glory days, and I was really excited hearing his material.

Release schedule for the year?

The ones mentioned above start dropping after WMC.

Explain the style of music being put out on the label.

Apart from what i mentioned above....I just want to see music that pushes all the right buttons, but sits outside the standard rules of the game have a chance to shine.  Thats the stuff that hopefully moves things forward.

How would someone go about on sending the label a demo?

1407 5th Avenue
Tampa, Fl.
attn. Three


_Hallucination Limited Discography
001 - Phillip Charles pres. "Controlled Input"
002 - Terry Francis "EP"
003 - David Christophere pres. "Lift - Between The Hands Of Friends(Slick n' Flash 20/20 Vision mix)"
004 - Soulrider - "Silky Mama"