Hogi_Galaxy Bar, Electrogusto.com, various one-offs(San Francisco, Ca.)

1. Interfearance " Xtradition" (Zero dB remix) on Ubiquity Recordings.
(A brilliant remix for the brilliant interfearance guys.)

2. Metro Area 4 "Miura" on Environ Recordings.
(An instant deep house classic.)

3. Nick Santillan feat. Jackie Green "Of Your Body" Jay-J's rmx on Loveslap.
(Prime time, tripped out guitar riffs, Jay-J going dark.)

4. Los Chicharrons "The Feeling's Right" on Tummy Touch Recordings.
(Big party tune, great bassline and great samples.. these guys rule.)

5. Succulent "Natural Progression EP" on Worship Recordings.
(Nectar going deep and minimal.)

6. Rob Rives Vs Joey Negro "Ridin it" on NRK
(Rob Rives turned Joey Negro's garage tune into a dark Danny Tenaglia style dark garage.)

7. Zero 7 "Destiny" on Ultimate Dillema Recordings
(Photek's remix is amazing.)

8. Memory Man "This Shit Is Real" on Manocalda Recordings.
(The dub track is really good, the flip side has a Dinosaur L remake..)

9. Bibi "Macumba Walele" on Africanism Recordings
(A great late night trumpet track.)

10. Masters At Work "West End 25th Anniversary" on West End
(What more can I say, louie and kenny re-editing the classics.)