_A night at "Stolen Hearts" produced by Hoochie Productions(Orlando, Fl.)
_written by Becky Kinnear

When you think of Orlando what comes to your mind?  For a lot of people the answer is Disney World, boy bands and warm weather.  But would you think of house music?  Most people probably wouldn't, considering Orlando is known for its numerous break-beat DJs such as Icey and Baby Anne.  Still, there seems to be a collective forming - one that is dedicated to bringing the sweet, soulful sounds of house music to the people in this town.  At the heart of this group are Maria Diestro and Tamara West, the girls in Hoochie Productions, making sure they show everyone in Orlando what house music is really all about.  Throwing house parties in a break-beat loving town has not been an easy task, and the Hoochies definitely had their work cut out for them.  Local house DJs are often plagued with the question, "Hey, man, got any breaks? I can't dance to this straight beat stuff."  Most dance floors often resemble school dances where everyone is waiting for someone else to make the first move.  Crowd turnouts are extremely unpredictable, even when a big name is promised.  Once Mazi from Chicago played to a room of about 20 people, at the most.  Despite all of this, Hoochie Productions has really been making a name for themselves.  By throwing phat parties and booking quality talent, including Ivan (SHIZM), James LBS (District Soul), Adrian Champion (MusicIsLife), and Master Kev (Yellorange), Hoochie roductions has managed to pack dance floors in venues all over the city.  "Stolen Hearts," their most recent Valentine's Day shindig, was held at the AKA Lounge and featured Jask throwin down some deep, funky house music.  The night began with local DJ Josh Harrell who knew just how to get the party going.  He got the dance floor moving by playing some pumpin tracks, by artists like the Inland Knights and DJ Sneak. The crowd was hyped and ready when Jask took over the tables.  He started his set off beautifully with a house mix of Sade's "Tatoo" and just about killed the dance floor.  Hands started clapping, arms were raised in the air, and feet started moving.  Everyone had their eyes closed, alone in the moment with the song.  The crowd was feelin Jask and his mixes were smooth and flawless.  His musical selection was also very impressive, including house mixes of both "Message In A Bottle" by the Police and "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson.  He just kept playing great song after great song, keeping the crowd moving the whole night.  An unmistakable highlight of the night was when he dropped "I Know" by Tim Deluxe, which set the dance floor on fire.  Dancing until it hurts never felt so good!  "Stolen Hearts" had all the key elements of a dope house party and Orlando was definitely feeling the vibe that Jask was creating.  Overall it was an amazing experience, just like every Hoochie gathering.  They have achieved the impossible with their unique ability to bring everyone together and show them the true meaning of house music.  As long as Hoochie Productions is there to enlighten us with awesome music combined with good vibes, the house scene in Orlando will continue to grow, slowly but surely.
Becky Kinnear "May the Funk Be with YOU!
Hoochie Productions

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Saturday June 22, 2002
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Some pics from the Stolen Hearts partee!

Feelin it!

"Put your hands up!"

Kenji & Jask

dj Ray Coker(Plasma Lounge) & Tamara(Hoochies), that's Martin Boss in the back(Guinness Champ for longest dj set).

_Jask in tha mix!!

_Josh Harrell in the mix!!

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