Mazi aka Audio Soul Project_Habitat, Gourmet, Simple Soul, NRK/Venue: Red Dog(Chicago)

April 15th 2002  Chicago
1. Mazi "More Trouble With The Obvious" /Jamayka

2. Phil Weeks "Hypnose" (David Duriez Psychiatric Mix)/Robsoul

3. Patrick Turner "?BLM 06?" /Bleum

4. Joe Silva "Sparring EP" /Freaked

5. DJ Motion "I'm Ben Gin Again" /Simple Soul

6. Audio Soul Project "Everything Is Alright" (ASP Dark Touch)/NRK

7. Tony Senghore "Hey Chica" (Derrick Carter Vocal)/Moody

8. DJ Nique & Rees Urban "Goin' Down" /Bunch Lox

9. Toka "Jeriko" /Bosh

10. Mazi "Retrofuturism" /Ri'Que

11. Grant Dell & Richard Phoneman "Driven By The Beat" /Detour

12. East Coast Boogiemen "Underwater Sea Jams" /Brique Rouge

13. Souldoubt "Lavazza" /Special Needs

14. Rob Salmon & Rob Rives "Body Talk" /Yoshitoshi

15. Brett Johnson "Stopmakingsense" /Hi-phen

16. Fred Everything "Revolution" (Audio Soul Project Remix)/2020 Vision

17. Hippe & Tony "?SM35?" /Siesta

18. Tribalation "Got It Going On" /Funky Piranha

19. Studio Nova "Diabolical Consequence" /Honchos

20. Eddie Richards "Dope" /Adroit

21. Jay Tripwire "In Your Mind" (Deep Version)/Village

22. Nathan Coles "Teranatechasourus" /Pirate Radio

23. Ultracolor "Downtown" (Mazi's Audio Soul Revision)/Get Groovy

24. Formidable Force "A Funky Space" /2020 Vision

25. Omni AM & Terry Francis "Vanilla Chinchilla" /Euphoria Records

Management & Booking: Lori Riegler
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