_ezine for the vibratory tings..
_Back from The Music Conference in Miami Beach, articles coming soon, new updates too!"
Some numbers canned at WMC this year(more to come as I remember-help me out please!):
Shaun Escoffrey_"Days Like This(Spinna remix)"
X-Press 2 feat. David Byrne_"Lazy"
E-Man_"I Am The Road"
India_"Backfired(Joey Negro remix)"
Erro_"Don't Change"
Brett Johnson_"Jiffy Pop"
Jamie Lewis feat. Michelle Weeks_"The Light"
Blaze_"Do You Remember House"
Richard Earnshaw_"People Are People"

Common quotes from the heads this year at WMC 2002:
(not exactly in these words, and don't get mad I'm only writing what I heard from various people.  More to come as my memory comes back to me-help me out if you can!)

"Slow compared to last year."

"Where are all the European labels at?"

"Panels were a big waste of time!"

"Man, Ben Watt & Lazy Dog rocked it at The Naked Music party!"

"The Magic Sessions turned into the Tragic Sessions!"

"The All World party with Sneak & Derrick Carter was one of the better parties I've been to!"

"Harvey is on fire!"

"Kruder & Dorfmiester are amazing!"

"Tenaglia could'nt stop talkin!"

"Did you see the kid dj at the MAW day party?"

"Man it's too loud in here!"

"Are you gonna pay $35.00, I heard they raised it to $75.00!"

"I'm losing my voice."

Favorite DJ sets:

Francois K at the Wave Party, Little Louie Vega at The MAW party, Derrick Carter & Sneak at The All World Party, Kruder & Dorfmiester during the day at Rain, Tony Humphries at The Yellorange Party, Ben Watt & Lazy Dog at The Naked Music party, Jask at The Soulfuric Records party, Mark Farina at The Deep party, King Britt & Doc Martin at The Ovum Party, Harvey at The Wax RecordŐs party, jojo flores at The Bluenote Party, and many more..(feel free to add any of your own);

COMING SOON!!! Bumpin Records, Mazi, & Rob Paine.  Plus more charts, reviews(with sound clips), and added links to mixes.

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_Delahouse founder
Cisco Frisco..(April 14, 2002)
_One of France's hottest Soulful House parties at the moment, headed up by DJs Cisco, Felipe, and Ferreol.  Taking place every second Friday of the month on the Concorde Atlantique Boat with some of France's hottest guests.  Here we interview one of the founders DJ Cisco on what Delahouse is?
What they want you to leave with at their parties: "A BIG smile and some Music in the head!!!"

"Water originally
contains no sound
Touching a stone
makes it murmur."
Zen saying

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_Tribal Winds Records founder
antonio ocasio..(March 15, 2002)
_Founder, DJ, and musician behind NYC's Tribal Winds Records, a label with a mission to "provoke your soul and spirit to dance from within."
On the healing power of music: "Yeah of course - it's kinda like the one common denominator that we all share. No matter where you go in the world there are people that LOOOOOVE Music with passion."

New Label Focus!!!_Hallucination Limited
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_with label director
DJ Three..(March 5, 2002)
On the label:: "HALLUCINATION LIMITED" is a dj oriented label geared towards anything I find to be exceptional regardless of specialized genre, or just straight-for-the-dj type tracks.  An outlet for one-off's, little known talent with an emphasis on Florida; and global friends with tracks that need a home or better U.S. exposure.  An excuse to get up in the morning."

March 7_2002<<<Bottom Heavy section with new info on labels such as Yellorange, Giant Step, Westbound Music, Brique Rouge, Bombay, Bumpin City, F Communications, & many more to come soon!>>>click here to go to Bottom Heavy!
_Stories From The Sanctuaries  featuring_

1. 3 Degrees_Chicago(March 9)
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Back in 99 a celebration was forged in Chicago, a Wednesday night get together of friends, families, and house music lovers.  The basis of this idea was to provide a space where intimate lovers & friends could come together without the flashiness & trendiness that was invading the club scene.  Based on their idea that like-minded people are only separated by 3 degrees, a new phase in Chicago nightlife was born.
On the message behind 3 Degrees: "The message behind 3 degrees is that we are all connected closer than we tend to think.  We as humans need to realize this first, before we can take any positive steps forward."

2. Get On Down & Partee!
(Feb. 25)
Chuck Crider shares his moments at The Shelter(NYC.), and Body & Soul(NYC.).
"To me, very earth-based, reaching the deepest fibers of my very existence, to a place indescribable with words." by Chuck Crider

3. Hoochie Production's(Orlando, Fl.) 'Stolen Hearts' Valentines party with guest dj Jask.(Feb. 28)
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"An unmistakable highlight of the night was when he dropped "I Know" by Tim Deluxe, which set the dance floor on fire.  Dancing until it hurts never felt so good!"

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_time for Therapy with
jojoflores..(March 13_2002)
_Known for his deep soulful sets at his night in Montreal called Therapy, this DJ has been a true supporter of the vibe for over 17 years in Canada.  In the past he has brought in guests like Kenny Bobien, Osunlade,
E-man, & Jask for the faithful at Therapy.
On the vibe at Therapy:
"No frontin'...just come as you are and be yourself."

"No better love than love with no object,
no more satisfying work than work with no purpose.

If you could give up tricks and cleverness,
that would be the cleverest trick!"
Rumi(translated by Coleman Barks)

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_feeling it with
DJ Pope..(March 2_2002)
_"Home of the Underground Family" the slogan behind Poji Records, put together back in 92 by Baltimore's own DJs Pope & Oji.  Dedicated to quality Soulful/Gospel House vocals and tracks, which showcases some of Baltimore's/DC's brightest producers/artists.  Here we feature DJ Pope one half of the production team "Brothers In The Struggle."
On favorite residencies: "My favorite residency right now is Club Red in Washington, DC. The reason why I say that is there is no discrimination on the type of house music I play.."

"Do not condemn your neighbor: you do not know what you would have done in his place."
Saying Of The Fathers

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_analog trickster
Daniel Wang..(Feb.23_2002)
_Disco darling hailing out of NYC with a bouquet of analog flowers for your soul.  Early Balihu disco loops to 21st Century analog driven no sample based masterpieces on Environ.  Need I say more?
On music when he first got his boogie shoes on: "Diana Ross "Upside Down" and Patrice Rushen "Forget Me Nots" were my favorite songs, and the other boys in the school figured I was a total fruit, which I was(they listened to Led Zeppelin -- how un-groovy)."

"A good explanation: never explain anything."
Zen saying

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