_Soulfuric Trax
SFT0001: Re-Vibe-Al_"The Feeling"
SFT0002: DJ John "Julius" Knight presents_"The Knightime Funk EP"
SFT0003: Da Mooch feat. Ellis Miah_"Send Me Some Love"
SFT0004: The "Re-Vibe-Al" EP
SFT0005: Da Mooch_"Deep In The Underground"
SFT0006: 95 North_"The Funky Stuff EP"
SFT0007: The Re-Vibe-Al Experience
SFT0008: Disco Dust_"Feel The Force" & "Feels Good"
SFT0009: Cleptomaniacs Let's Get Down /  Funk It Up
SFT0010: Cleptomaniacs 2_"Numero Uno /  X-Press"
SFT0011: Knee Deep_"Welcome to the Disco"
SFT0012: Jazz-N-Groove_"Midnight Skies"
SFT0013: John Knight_"Crazy" / "First Love
SFT0014: Copyright_"Where Would You Be"
SFT0015: Hard Soul_"La Pasion De Gozar"