_Winter Music Conference 2002 Data..                                                             
(keep checking back periodically, as the schedule will keep changing! Note this is a combination of DJ Prince's list plus added info from other sources.)
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It seems like this year's conference will take place at the Miami Beach Convention Center from March 23-27, which makes it a lot easier to get around with lesser cab fares and hassles.  Not to fear the pool side activities continue at the Doubletree Surfcomber Hotel(117 Collins Ave.) with DJ and artist showcases.  Now there's a certain new breed of participants that have grown throughout the year or to better put it evolved out of the mayhem, and that is what I call the Guerilla Attendee(the no badge person).  It is obvious over the years that paying for a badge does not guarantee any kind of entry, especially in the more established parties(the ones we all want to get in to).  Please take into consideration the door policies of the local Miami Beach clubs in general, because your name is on the guest list(if there is one) does not guarantee entry.  Basically it comes down to the person at the door in making the final decision, if you are lucky the promoter for the party can get you in or reduce your admission if he/she is at the front door.  This is where a cell phone is useful for you popular types with the personal phone number to the promoter, or if you are even slicker the door person.  Now another very important factor is the capacity that the venue in question is allowed, if it is over capacity which is most likely to happen by 2a.m. or earlier depending on the party, NOBODY gets in by Order of the Fire Marshall!  At this point it does not matter if you are the Godfather of House, well maybe if you were the Godfather of Soul they'll slip you by, but that's another club story.  So take this factor into consideration when deciding what time you are gonna hit the discos, so do yourself a favor get out as early as you can to avoid the door hassles.  If you find yourself in this situation the only thing I can tell you is patience, patience, patience; and be nice to the people at the door, leave your EGO behind!   The most thing that door people hate is a person at the door with a big head who thinks they are important, they deal with this on an average basis.  Also lieing will just make you look like a bigger fool in the end, when the promoter comes out and says, "Who the hell are you?  Now do not get me wrong you need also some initiative on your part, I call this showing confidence(Jedi mind trick) in what you are saying and not giving up if your name really is on the list.  Another factor to take into consideration also is the male to female ratio agenda at the door, if you are a single male(unless you are at a gay club) the chances on getting in any quicker are very slim.  It does help if you have at least one female friend with you, I know this all sounds like a hassle but these are the unwritten rules they make(unofficially) night to night.  I've been going to this Conference since 1986 and I've seen the changes in attendance and attendees, but the door policies seem to have stayed pretty much the same over the years.  There are also ways of getting in for free, but I'll leave that up to your imagination and experience as a guerilla attendee.  Just remember the rules of the door game and watch what is going on around you and most likely you'll get in.  If you feel the people at the door were rude to you then report it to the promoter, that way next time around they'll do their party somewhere else with a different staff.  Ok so now your in and on the dance floor getting ready to hear a slammin set from MAW, please, please, please, do us all a  favor smoke your cigarettes by the bar.  The last thing we all need is someone getting burned by a spliff in the middle of an uplifiting set.  Also pace yourself the night is young and so is the week, or else face the dreaded boot out of the door followed by the WMC Virus that will get you if you do not get enough rest!  I cannot stress this enough, pack up on vitamins, minerals, spirulina, and drink plenty of water to keep your system cleansed.   Here's a link you can check if you are interested on stocking up!  Royal Body Care  On a happy note it looks like so far there are a couple really good free parties this year, and most of all some of them are outdoors!
  People the great thing about Miami is the freedom you have to stay long hours in the clubs especially like Space which is 24 hours serving liquor, where in America(besides Vegas) do you have this freedom?  I give credit to my beautiful Afro/Latin Caribbean Culture that has influence over the customs of Miami, for without it most likely everything there would be closing at 2am like the rest of the States.  Basically what I'm saying is show some respect and most likely it will be returned to you as a visitor.  Tu eres el baile!   Now to the part of the fun that most of us never have time for or neglect and that is FOOD!  Restaurants in South Beach can tend to get real pricey, so I suggest if you have the time go into the City of Miami for better and non-tourist priced restaurants.  South Miami is loaded with Cuban places where you pay $5-8 for more than enough food for your belly like "La Carreta" & "La Lechonera(especially for meat eaters!)," if that fails there's always "Pollo Tropical" on South Beach which is ok for Cuban standards.  There's also a plethora of window walk up places where you can order a quick Media Noche sandwich, Pan Con Bistec(cubed steak), or Lechon(pork) with a strong ass Cuban coffee that will have you saying "Cono!" for hours!  I personally stop eating meat, but I have the luxury of having a Cuban Mom who makes me vegetarian meat style Cuban dishes at home, but for those of you Vegetarians/Vegans without this luxury I suggest hitting the falafel places(I recommend "Pita Plus" 1049 Washington Ave.) on South Beach for a quick and healthy meal on the go.  You can also order black beans & rice with plantains or tostones if you find yourself near a Cuban restaurant for your vegetarian/vegan needs.  Also make sure to check out the Thai/Asian, Kosher, and Indian places since they usually always have a good vegetarian/vegan section that is not side dishes!  Seafood is also everywhere on the beach, and most likely you will get the fresh catch of the day, bon apetite!  Now for your record needs we all need that fix the moment we get off the plane especially if you are not the gifted owner of a stack of promos.  There is Grooveman Records(1543 Washington Ave.), Uncle Sams, and Specs on the beach for your 12" pleasures.  Note Yesterday & Today no longer exists which used to be one of my favorite stores on South Beach to get unreleased promos of the Conference.  There's plenty of clothing stores to choose from from Versace to thrift bargains depending on your pocket book and again patience.  So to all have a fun and juicy time, and don't forget the tanning lotion, sun block(for you fair skinned people), and most of all condoms(you never know when you gonna meet that hot thang)!  Keep checking back as the party info will be updated on a continuous basis.  If you would like to add anything just e-mail me at:info@e909st.com